Imagine Dream Believe

Imagine Dream Believe

We believe a brand should be what

We believe a brand should be what exists between an entity yearning to share dreams, beliefs, aspirations and with like minded people in order to create a better community. Creating two way streets that connects these two is where a brand lives and breathes.

That’s where we want the Ella story to begin.

A logo is the most simplistic form of what the brand stands for.
Ella’s logo stands for: Passion, Balance, Energy, Respect, Journeys.


Ella always signs her signature with the inclusion of a heart. This is why the logo’s centre is just that, the heart, which is symbolic of her passion about the world of surfing and how it can connect people and their lives. So yes it’s personal to her and thats where the journey starts.
The heart reflects the passions that are at the centre of her life and hopefully the others she wants to inspire. Follow you passions.


Ella’s “e” is strong symbolically on it’s own, but It’s also importantly centred within the ella letters!
Balance in life is important and ella is a bold and confident personality and wants her surfing career to inspire other individuals to connect and be proud of their personalities. The “e” takes on the shape of a building wave, which in a perfect world for a surfer forms a most rewarding event, the barrel. Let’s share rewarding moments.


A wave is one of the most powerful forces of nature. Energy is created with by the water sprays that typically comes off the lip of a wave as it continues its rolling endless path towards the shore. Get up every morning and love what you do.


The wave shape builds, and forms a channel and pathway for a surfer to continue its journey.
The centric wave formation curls inwards and then forms positive and negatives shapes respectful to the NZ Koru art forms. The inner negative space also resembles the end of curled up tail of NZ fern. Don’t forget your roots.


Ella has started hers in the world of surfing and wants to inspire others to do the same in their chosen paths. Lets take journeys together.

Ella’s journey is founded with 3 simple words.

Imagine Dream Believe

Join in the journey: #ImagineDreamBelieve